Our story

The Little People’s Creative Workshop® franchise was born when one woman tapped into a vacuum of potential with a simple twist on an old idea.

Daune Pitman,
Founder of LPCW

Daune Mills Pitman attended East Carolina University on a full dance scholarship and graduated with a BFA in dance; and then returned to earn her BS in dance education. While studying in graduate school, Daune made extra money as a professional dancer with various Dance Theatres but was looking for a way to increase her income. One day she was thinking about the fact that children in daycare centers do not have the same opportunity to experience dance as other kids when a light bulb went off above her head. As a professional ballerina who knew everything about teaching dance to young children, Daune came up with a brilliant idea. If daycare kids could not go to dance classes, then Daune could bring the classes to them. She realized children ages 2 through 6 in daycare or pre-school were not given opportunities to dance. The two career family required parents to have their children in daycare from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, eliminating the possibility of attending dance classes. Plus, parents are too tired at the end of the workday to make another stop to a dance studio. Daune had already experienced the benefits dancing brings to children and even if working parents understand the benefits, they can’t offer it to their kids. So Daune decided to change all of that when she approached area daycare centers about bringing the Little People Creative Workshop Program onsite. Daycare centers and preschools were ecstatic they could now offer this program to kids because it doesn’t cost them anything. And at that age, no equipment, mirrors or dance bars are required. It is easy to offer Daune’s program as an extracurricular activity because most daycare centers have an empty room they use for the older kids after school which sits empty until the older kids get out of school. This unused space was perfect for the Little People’s Creative Workshop® program. When Daune sent information out to the parents, they loved it. Little People’s Creative Workshop was born.

If daycare kids could not go to
dance classes, then Daune could
bring the classes to them.

During the middle of her first year Daune realized there was so much demand for her Little People’s Creative Workshop that she had to hire more staff. She also began offering theatre arts classes to kids 6 to 14 years old who attended daycare after school, teaching them character development, acting techniques and stage direction. This spurred business growth to a point where Daune needed to expand to other areas and successfully opened Little People’s Creative Workshops® in other areas. She didn’t know it yet but Daune had just passed the first test of franchising, duplicating a successful concept. The final piece of the puzzle was when she created the Little People’s Creative Workshop® program that teaches sports movement just for boys. Fathers were now insisting their sons get involved in this program to improve their performance on game day.

Daune knew that she wanted to bring Little People’s Creative Workshop’ to the entire country and expanding through franchising was the logical option. This is a franchise opportunity that offers something that is very hard to find in today’s business world. The opportunity to own a thriving business that operates during the hours your kids are at school and still have family time on the weekends.